These basses were here for a while, but are now gone.

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Fender Am/Dlx Precision

Not a bad bass by any stretch, but it just wasn't getting any play time.  It was originally purchased as a bass for my son, but his first love turned to orchestral upright.  Plus he likes a more modern tone than this could offer.

Beautiful finish, superb neck and fretwork; both of which are to be expected with the American Deluxe instruments.  What was surprising was the poor fit & finish on the pickguard and pickups, which led to poor pickup/string alignment.

This one went to The Gorge for a short time, and I understand that someone on Puget Sound now owns it.

G&L L-2000

This was my first G&L bass.  Great bass.  Wonderful instrument.  She would still be here were it not for my move to 5 string.  Probably still should have kept her, but I have no remorse.  She spent a year in the San Diego area, but is now living the good life in a Japanese Country Western Band.  In Japan.  Yes, that's correct.  Japan. 

G&L L5000

This was a cool old bass, but we never really hit it off at all.  Bought it used but ended up way less than impressed because of the narrow string spacing.  I also couldn't get my head wrapped around the tone, which wasn't bad but not my thing.  Glad I tried it, glad it's gone.  I did like the sickle headstock, though.


This here is a poor man's StingRay5.  Extremely well made in the same San Luis Obispo factory as the mainline EBMM instruments, the SUB line provided a less expensive entry point to modern MusicMan instruments.  Sadly, these are no longer made because the company was losing money on them.  I recall Sterling Ball grumbling on his forum that he might as well have tossed a $100 bill under the pickups.

I found this bass, filthy and forlorn, at a local Guitar Center.  I was able to buy it for a song and had intended to clean it up and flip it for a small profit.  I ended up liking it enough for it to be a basis for switching experiments.  Said experiments were largely unsuccessful because that pickup really doesn't like being wired in series, where it becomes uncontrollably hot.  So BP, if you're reading this, you win this one.

It wasn't getting any play time, so it now lives with Joe in El Cajon. 

G&L L-2000 Fretless

L2K Fretless
2006 G&L L-2000 fretless.  This was bought on impulse and it hung around for 3 years before becoming partial value fodder for a collector bass.  Lightweight for a G&L at a little under 9 pounds and really a beautiful instrument.  The ebony fingerboard could have come off a good upright bass.  All that nice stuff and I just couldn't get caught up in it.  So it's gone.

1968 Hofner 500/1

Hofner 500/1
My first bass, bought in 1972.  This is a 1968 Hofner 500/1 "Beatle Bass"  Nice bass and easy to play with its thin neck, it became a case queen.  I play my basses, even the ones that other people would commit to a display case or museum.  This one didn't get played, so it and the fretless above were sold so that I could get a little something special from a luminary's personal collection.

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